Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Page Of Decent Quotations About Love

I came across this web page about love the other day. It has a long list of quotations about love and being in love. Some of them I agree with, some are funny, some are just interesting. So often quotes about love are just tacky and sugary sweet. Yet love - for self, others, the world, your work - is such a powerful emotion. Its impact can be so much bigger than roses and chocolates. I hope you enjoy these!

Love Quotes

A number of those quotes resonate with me but this is one that stood out for some reason:

"There’s nothing in the world like being young and in love. It gives you the power to do things you would never have had the courage to do otherwise. It inspires you to make yourself vulnerable, put your heart on the line. To give more than you can give. To speak heart-felt sentiments you thought only existed in old books and flowery poetry. And it can make you forget everything except love itself. That one thing that makes life worth living, the object of your affection. Inspired by love, we can move mountains, make great changes, do great things. But we can also become so blinded by it that we forget everything … everyone … even ourselves."

~ Everwood


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