Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still Waters Run Deep

Your life can change in a moment. An event. A realisation. A word from a friend. Each of these things can cause a massive, instantaneous shift in you. From that moment on everything you think and do is shaped by that critical moment. You are changed forever, transformed in some way.

For most people though, these moments are rare, and for many, never occur. Instead, we go about our business, and kind of chip away at the Big Picture. Perhaps we hope to slowly build on each experience and opportunity, eventually reaching some kind of wisdom or mastery, or achieving recognition from our boss, or financial reward. Maybe we get a pay rise each year, maybe some years we go backwards a bit.

Is it true that what you have unfolding in your life today is a product of everything that has gone before? Every thought you've had, choice you've made, word you've spoken? Plus a few random external events - such as the country you were born in!

Perhaps you think the "slow building" idea is too optimistic? You could say: "I've been saving my pennies for years but still can't afford a holiday house by the beach"; "I'm a good person - why do my friends keep taking advantage of my generosity?".

What if the chipping-away-it thing is less about the external world (career, possessions, recognition) and a everything to do with you, honing who YOU are and want to be... getting a little bit better everyday at being consistently that person: more generous, more considered, less angry, more tolerant, less reactive, more fun, calmer, more hopeful, more engaged (whatever qualities matter to you).

If you build on YOU over time, then, at some point it is simply a matter of choosing where you put your attention: campaigning for a new park in your local area, building a business, becoming a salsa dancing teacher... whatever floats your boat! You'll know that however you tackle the task at hand it will be done by the best you it is possible for you to be at that time.

Impact? Explosive. Think of this "best yourself" as a river, wide and deep, life-giving; and your  project, an opportunity for creative expression, the waterfall. Beautiful, powerful, profound.

After years of flowing quietly through the countryside, suddenly the river has it's moment. And when you shine, the world benefits.

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