Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Version of the "I Accept" Prayer

A friend of mine gave me a version of the "I Accept" prayer after a visit to his kinesiologist... but there were a few things in the original (unsigned) version I believed revealed a bias towards the healthy. For people with serious injuries, disabilities or terminal illnesses, or other major challenges, I thought it may even cause them further pain. 

...And yet, I could see where the poem / prayer was going and thought that with some work it would become a poem that could be used more universally - and resonate more widely. So here is the massively re-written version I have come up with.

I hope you like my take on the "I Accept" prayer. 

I would love to hear your thoughts about it or stories of people you think may enjoy reading it. My friend was given the instruction to read it outloud each day before he left for work, to set him up for the day. I believe he carries his version around with him now. Perhaps he will have a crack at this one too one day!!!


I accept I am a spiritual being and am where I need to be NOW.

My spiritual growth and learning are my responsibility, and I accept the challenge to see and discover myself through my experiences, universal wisdom, and love.

Within me is the impulse to thrive and the vast knowledge and abundance of the Universe.
I AM one with the universal mind, my higher self, God / Goddess, and ALL THAT IS.

I accept that there are no rights, wrongs, injustices, mistakes – only lessons and teachings;
It is not my place to judge – or to judge myself and others.
Instead, I surrender to those forces greater than myself, and trust.
I accept that there are things I cannot know and do not need to understand.

I give daily thanks for the love and generosity present in my life, my opportunities, insights, gifts, and moments of genuine, precious connection with others.
I am blessed. I am lucky. I am worthy.

I give myself permission to graciously accept and receive these gifts NOW.

I recognise “truth” when I see it, hear it or am touched by it;
It is inclusive, expansive, and governed by love,
And I live by this universal Truth.

I am one with the divine thought process within me and I am open to receiving creative thoughts and ideas NOW.

Love heals all.

Love conquers all.

Love is all there is.


I am as whole, healthy and free as the universe intended me to be,
My spirit cannot be broken.
My soul sings.
I find beauty and joy in all that I can.
I am filled with grace and forgiveness.

Every breath I take releases me from thoughts that do not serve me.
I am peaceful. I am still.

I love myself, my experiences, my world, and beyond.


I love.
I accept.
I am.


Gaia Meditations by John Seed and Joanna Macy

Beautiful, Perfect, Broken

Finding Joy Each Day


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