Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dinner with friends

When was the last time you got all the people who care about you, and all the people you care about, together in the same room? Was it your wedding day? A 21st? Or was the last time you saw those special people incidental, a fortunate coincidence, at a naming day or the funeral of a relative, or Friday nights drinks someone else pulled together?

How odd it is we choose to live our lives apart from our loved ones: our day-to-day committments can so easily keep us separated. Is what we do every day really so important that we feel justified putting our priority people second to the grind?

And yet, with a little bit of effort, and a whole lot of openess, it's easy enough to find an excuse to get people together. A birthday, moving house, a rainy Friday, a sunny Sunday, a festival.... anything! All we have to do is choose a date, name the place, and let people know. Looking across a table or around a room at people who make you feel good, who are 100% FOR you, and vice versa is a fantastic buzz. It makes you feel connected, part of something bigger, more significant, special.

And creating that vibe, gathering those friends together, feeling loved and connected in that way... well, it might even change your life.

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